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How to Use Video in Emails to Sell More Cars

How to Use Video in Emails to Sell More Cars

Looking to zoom towards sales? By integrating videos into your sales strategy, you spark interest in your dealership and increase sales.

90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.

If your customers are on the fence about making an automobile purchase, a video can drive them over the edge.

It’s time to sell more cars! Here are seven reasons you need to start creating automotive videos in your marketing. Steer towards sales and drive a higher ROI with these benefits of video marketing. 

1. Drive Discovery & Awareness

People aren’t bound to arrive at your dealership if they don’t know it exists.

Then there are shoppers looking for a specific make and model. How will they know you have what they’re looking for?

When people are looking for a new car, they start searching online.

This can lead them to dozens of dealerships in the area.

By sending out videos of cars you have in your lot, you can get a step ahead of these searchers. Instead of leaving it to chance, you can ensure they come to your dealership before anyone else’s.

Video content helps drive discovery. In fact, adding videos to emails also helps customers discover a vehicle they weren’t considering beforehand. 

Sending out video emails also helps you take advantage of the buyer’s journey.

Instead of waiting around for foot traffic to your dealership, you can draw that traffic in yourself. Car sales videos keep your customer aware of the cars you have to offer. You can also spark their interest by giving them in-depth, high-quality visuals of their options.

The next time someone thinks about buying a car, they’ll remember your email video before searching online. 

2. Help Shoppers Compare Options

While they’re in research-mode, people often compare different vehicles.

Adding videos to your emails will help you help your customers. Instead of leaving them to research different cars at different dealerships, you can narrow down their options. 

Car sales video offers people the information they need in engaging, interesting ways. Instead of reading car specs and comparison charts, your videos will show them the difference. 

Video allows people to “experience” different vehicles even when they’re not at the dealership.

By using sight, motion, and sound, you’re utilizing senses to help their research process. 

There are also user-generated reviews and comparison videos online. Try creating this content yourself. Test drive one of the vehicles and communicate the specific benefits of that make and model.

Then, you can send a video in your next email to show interested customers you have the information they’re looking for. 

3. Drive More Foot Traffic

Video starts driving the buyer’s process by aiding their discovery and research process.

Once you have their attention, people are more likely to visit your dealership. That way, they can get a firsthand, personal experience with the vehicle they’re interested in. 

Videos can spark initial interest, highlight specific vehicle features, and promote special deals. By sending these automotive videos in emails, you can drive that interest forward and draw foot traffic to your dealership.

A plain old email might not draw people in. Videos, on the other hand, are exciting and engaging.

Give people a reason to stop by. Show them the benefits you have to offer. Then, end your video with a compelling call-to-action that invites them to visit in!

4. Boost Engagement

People know when they’re being sold to. In many cases, this turns people off. A normal sales email can end up straight in the trash bin.

Adding a car sales video to your emails, on the other hand, can get people engaged. 

Remember, it starts by sparking their interest with information people are already searching for. Then, show them you care about their needs and wants. Make it clear that you’re available to answer any questions or head out with them on a test drive. 

Don’t forget that CTA! You call-to-action can encourage people to take action. Add a little urgency to the message and you’re good to go.

5. Connect with Customers

People buy from people they feel connected to. A video can add a name, face, and voice to your email content. Instead of a boring sales email, videos of cars can add that missing element. 

Try to appear personable in your videos. Determine your customer’s pain points and offer them a solution. Make it clear that you’re there to help.

Your videos can help you build a rapport with your customers. 

Then, they’ll visit your dealership feeling like they already know and trust you. This pre-built rapport can help you sell more cars and close more deals!

6. Improve Your ROI

52% of marketing professionals worldwide claim video content offers the best ROI.

Instead of wasting time on sales and marketing tactics that don’t work, choose one that does! Videos are easy to make and a great investment. As you attract more leads and make more sales, that cost goes right back into your pocket (and then some).

Forget traditional marketing methods that drain money and time.

Instead, choose the option that will help improve your brand awareness and increase sales. Video marketing can help improve your dealership’s ROI for a long time.

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7. Zoom Ahead of the Competition

Make sure to differentiate yourself in these videos. How do you stand out with other dealerships and sales teams? What makes your dealership special?

Differentiating yourself will help you zoom ahead of the competition.

Focus on your value proposition. Then, your videos will help you stand out from the crowd so customers choose you over anyone else. 

Speed Towards Sales: 7 Reasons to Use Video Emailing to Sell More Cars

It’s time to sell more cars! Take automotive video emailing out for a test drive and experience these benefits for yourself. Your videos of cars could be what your automative marketing is missing!

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