Stuker BDC Training

Stuker’s BDC training teaches you how to properly build, manage, and operate a booming and profitable BDC at any dealership. We focus on phone training, handling calls, lead management, proven strategies for increasing traffic and more! In addition to this, we will give you all of the formulas needed, from phone calls and set appointments to conversion rates, to ensure your BDC is a success.

There is no such thing as a BDC in a box. A BDC is what you want it to be. When ran correctly, dealerships reap the rewards. In fact, BDCs fuel already strong sales departments and only amplify the weakness of one that is not. Let Stuker Training help convert your BDC into a profitable investment!

Training Includes:

  • Mastering phone-ups
  • Overcoming phone reluctance and other objections
  • Maximizing inbound and outbound calls
  • Asking for referrals, prospecting the household
  • Database mining (Turn your CRM into an ATM!)
  • Scheduling and following up on appointments
  • Properly staffing the department to build a winning sales team
  • Following up with un-sold showroom traffic
  • Building customer retention
  • Successfully managing opportunities
  • Learning excellent phone skills, scripts and techniques
  • Turning the BDC into a profit center, not an expense
  • Management team evaluation, operating guidelines and performance metrics
  • Pay plans that drive production and profit

Expand your BDC intelligence with the founder of the BDC concept

Not only did Tom Stuker invent the BDC, he has spent the last 30 years perfecting it. Today Tom’s concept is fully integrated and operational in dealerships around the world. BDCs are so prominent that even manufacturers want their dealerships to have one. With that said, an overwhelming number of BDCs underperform. That’s where Tom Stuker’s BDC training comes in.