BDC & Internet Training

Build a High-Performing BDC

Stuker’s BDC training empowers you to build, manage, and lead a powerhouse Business Development Center that is profitable and sets your dealership apart.

Our program covers essential skills such as phone training, call handling, lead management, and effective strategies to boost traffic. We provide you with the complete toolkit—from engaging potential clients over the phone to improving conversion rates—ensuring your BDC becomes a cornerstone of success.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A finely-tuned BDC energizes your team, identifies areas for improvement, and turns every challenge into a new opportunity. Stuker’s BDC training is tailor-made to match your dealership’s unique needs.

Let's build a BDC that's a true asset, powering your dealership forward.

What our customers have to say about us

Training That Drives Your BDC Forward

Stuker's BDC training puts you in the fast lane, offering real-world solutions for:

  • Phone Skills: Learn how to connect with customers over the phone, making every call count.
  • Overcoming Hesitation: Gain confidence in handling calls and overcoming common objections.
  • Enhancing Calls: Tips for making the most of every inbound and outbound call.
  • Referrals and Prospecting: Learn how to naturally ask for referrals and explore new leads within the household.
  • Using Your CRM Wisely: Turn your CRM from a database into a powerful tool for generating leads.
  • Appointment Scheduling: How to effectively book and follow up on appointments to keep your calendar full.
  • Building a Strong Team: The keys to assembling a sales team that’s both skilled and motivated.
  • Reconnecting with Visitors: Strategies for following up with customers who didn’t purchase on their first visit.
  • Retaining Customers: Simple ways to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Managing Sales Opportunities: How to spot and act on potential sales opportunities.
  • Improving Communication: Enhance your phone communication skills with practical scripts and tips.
  • Making the BDC Profitable: Shift the perspective of your BDC from a cost to a valuable profit center.
  • Evaluating Your Team: Insight into assessing your team’s performance and setting clear goals.
  • Motivating Through Pay: How to create compensation plans encouraging your team to excel.

Shift Your BDC’s Gears from Standard to Stellar with Tom Stuker

Tom Stuker, the innovator behind the BDC concept, has spent over 30 years refining this model to help dealerships globally achieve operational excellence. His training programs are essential for BDCs aiming to excel, tackle common pitfalls, and guide teams toward surpassing manufacturer expectations. With Stuker's guidance, dealerships can transform their BDCs from standard to stellar, optimizing performance and achieving remarkable results.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your BDC Strategy

Join the ranks of top-performing dealerships with Stuker's BDC training. Transform your team into champions of sales and customer service.

Ready to Leave Average Sales in the Rearview Mirror?

Discover how our proven customer-first dealership sales process training can elevate your sales team's performance and dealership reputation today.

What Our Clients Say

Since our sales department underwent the comprehensive training program provided by ATN, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. The hands-on approach to sales techniques, combined with a deep dive into customer psychology, has empowered our team to achieve and surpass our sales targets consistently. The training has fostered a new level of confidence and expertise among our sales staff, enabling them to connect with customers more effectively and close deals with greater efficiency. This program has not only boosted our sales figures but also significantly enhanced the overall customer experience at our dealership. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact this training has had on our team and our business.
ATN's training program has been a game-changer for our dealership's finance department. The training has not only improved our efficiency and compliance but also significantly enhanced our ability to offer customers the best financing options tailored to their needs. We have dramatically increased our backend profits. Our finance department is now more confident and competent, directly contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to ATN, we're setting new standards in automotive finance.
Implementing ATN's lead management training program has revolutionized the way our dealership handles digital leads. Before ATN, our approach to lead management was inconsistent and often ineffective, resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales. The training provided by ATN equipped our sales team with cutting-edge techniques for tracking, nurturing, and converting leads into sales. The tools and strategies introduced have dramatically increased our conversion rates and maximized our sales potential. Our team now operates with a level of precision and professionalism that sets us apart in the competitive automotive market. ATN's program has not only boosted our sales figures but also enhanced our reputation for excellence in customer service.