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BDC Expert Insider Special: From 4 to 30 Units

BDC Expert Insider Special: From 4 to 30 Units

BDC Expert Nic Sigala’s Journey To The Top

As a BDC expert in the automotive industry specializing in Stuker Training & Customer 1st sales process training, my goal is to add value to hundreds of car business professionals around the globe. This is done by empowering them with training, coaching, and collaborating with them on strategies that drive up the bottom-line.

I make a living by helping dealerships become more profitable and in return, make sales professionals more money. That’s what I call a win-win. But, this wasn’t always the case!

In the fall of 2014, I ran into a salesman who told me that I could earn an income that would help me to build my dreams. He knew I was an entrepreneur and told me that if I could use those skills and market myself as a car-guy, I would do well. So, I decided to give it a shot.

The Shot

On my first day, my sales manager told me to think outside-the-box. He gave me a few word tracks, helped me memorize them, and sent me out to prospect. Using those prospecting scripts – I sold my first 3 vehicles.

Let me rephrase that – My first and ONLY 3 vehicles that month. Having exhausted my resources at the dealership, I told my boss that I couldn’t do this for much longer. I couldn’t afford to not make money. I was making half of what I had grown accustomed to, and that wasn’t enough to financially remain stable.

He advised me to hang in there for a little while longer as the dealership had contracted the Automotive Training Network to help us turn the store around—supposedly these guys were the best trainers in the industry. So, I stayed and hoped for the best.

Suits, Strategy & Success

Within a week, these guys in suits show up appearing to have crystal-clear situational awareness and to be in control.  They rolled out a sales process and everything started to click. I learned about quality conversations, performing needs assessments, greetings, walk-arounds, prospecting the household, and how to properly ask for referrals. I soon memorized all of the scripts within the manual and started to capitalize on something that nobody else at the dealership was doing – WORKING THE CRM!

If you haven’t heard of Stuker’s Guaranteed Sales Success Manual- I urge you to check it out. Talk about a game changer. My favorite scripts are ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ and ‘Zero-Flip’.

Later that week, my boss gave me a list of 50 orphan owners (customers whose sales consultant no longer works for the dealership) and told me to have quality conversations and update the CRM (which was Reynolds & Reynolds). As everyone else on the team played on their cell phones and blamed their paychecks on everything but their own choices, I sat a computer and started a relationship with an old-school analog telephone.


Within my first month, my sales quadrupled.

Within 90 days, I was at 20 units a month. I developed so many referrals that the whole team stayed busy splitting deals with me!

The training worked, and the results were more than impressive. The only requirement was a commitment to myself to work hard. From that month on- I chose to sell.

My first quarter in the car business, our dealer principal decided to install a BDC and asked me if I could train what I had learned. I said yes and sailed into uncharted waters.

We sold 30 units our first month and hit 60 units in the first 5 months. We did a cannonball jump into our market and immediately dominated.

We hired, trained, and developed several high-performing business development reps and managers—one of which is the current business development and marketing manager at that dealership and she is killing it!

Looking back on how things progressed and continue to evolve, I’ve concluded that Tom Stuker and the team at Automotive Training Network know a thing or two about how to drive business to the dealership and how to turn your CRM into an ATM.

Fast forward a few years to where I am today: I travel the world installing BDC and internet departments. I work side by side with CEOs, dealer principals and their staff. I coordinate with CRM developers. But most importantly, I help salesman and dealers like you with the skills and confidence to boost profits!

I almost threw in the towel, but, I ran into a salesman. A leader. A mentor. I learned how to navigate on the road to the sale. I learned how to generate my own business. And You can too!

Just call or email me. I’ll show you how our team of experts can arm you with knowledge and empower you with confidence as you increase your value to the dealership.

It’s time to chose to sell – LET’S GO!


About the Automotive Training Network

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