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The World's Most Frequent Flyer - Tom Stuker

The World's Most Frequent Flyer - Tom Stuker

The average American flies 2.1 times a year and averages 1,500 miles on those trips. Most airlines’ top-tier statuses are reached with 100,000 qualifying miles, which may include extra miles for first-class travel or promotions. Tom Stuker, the world’s most frequent flyer, has reached one million miles in a single year on multiple occasions. That’s 660 times more than the average American and multiple times more than even the most frequent of travelers.

  • Average American – 1500 Miles
  • Top Status of Most Airlines – 100,000 Miles
  • Tom Stuker – 1,000,000 Miles

Stuker flies exclusively with United Airlines and has accumulated nearly 20 million miles with the airline in his lifetime. As a result of these achievements, Stuker has been featured on several news shows, and the movie ‘Up in the Air,’ with George Clooney was loosely based on his life. Most of his travel is for business to meet with clients all over the world as one of the biggest names in training in the Automotive Industry. Stuker also had his own reality TV show ‘Car Lot Rescue,’ where he helped struggling car dealers turn their companies around. Tom is the founder and partner of Stuker Training, one of the first automotive training companies in the world. The company was acquired by the Automotive Training Network in 2012.

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