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20 Phone Scripts Every Dealership Should be Giving Their Salespeople

20 Phone Scripts Every Dealership Should be Giving Their Salespeople

#16 may surprise you…

We all know that mastering the outbound call is a crucial skill when it comes to selling cars in the automotive industry, but let’s face it – not everyone has that natural charisma on the phone. Well, that’s where successful phone scripts come into play, and Tom Stuker is here to help.

After being in the industry for over 30 years, Stuker has devised a way for salespeople to sound confident while making outbound calls. By using his words and phrases, salespeople have the ability to keep customers on the phone and influence them to share vital information like household prospects and referrals. So, without further ado – here are the 20 outbound phone calls that every salesperson should be making:

  1. Calling the Referral [access full script]
    When calling referrals, be careful not to come on too strong. View the video clip above of Stuker teaching this script in a course on his interactive virtual training platform, ATN.
  2. Thank You For the Referral [access full script]
    Call your referral source to thank them twice!
  3. Three Day Follow-Up Call [access full script]
    The perfect time to call your sold customers is 72 hours after a purchase.
  4. Post CSI [access full script]
    Customer satisfaction means everything when it comes to building repeat and referral business.
  5. Friends & Acquaintances [access full script]
    Talking about your job and the auto industry can end up getting you more referrals than you think.
  6. It’s Been A While [access full script]
    For the customers you have neglected in your follow-up, this call works best.
  7. Orphan-Ups [access full script]
    Orphan-ups are people who have visited your dealership looking for a vehicle and were waited on by a salesperson who’s no longer working there.
  8. Orphan Owners [access full script]
    Orphan owners are dealership customers who have bought a vehicle from a salesperson who’s no longer employed there.
  9. Birthdays / Anniversaries [access full script]
    You have to have a reason to call people, and it has to be to their benefit. Sooner or later you will run out of reasons.
  10. Appointment Confirmation [access full script]
    Sending vehicle photos and videos with your smartphone can help motivate the prospect.
  11. Missed Appointment [access full script]
    If this happens, call your customer as soon as possible after the appointment is missed.
  12. The Pre-Service Call [access full script]
    If possible, use your CRM to notify you in advance of your customer’s service appointment.
  13. The Post-Service Call [access full script]
    It’s important to not only make a pre-service call but also make a post-service call – to ensure continued customer satisfaction and relationship building.
  14. For Sale By Owner [access full script]
    If you check my Priority Calling list, you would see this barely makes the list.
  15. Incidental Contact [access full script]
    When calling a recently sold customer at work and a third-party answers the phone, you should ask the person who answered the phone to leave a written message.
  16. Calling The Wrong Number [access full script]
    Don’t get me wrong here… I am not asking you to randomly call wrong numbers to drum up business.
  17. Zero Flip/Equity Call [access full script]
    This is a good sales opportunity done in a “Soft Sell/Smart Sell” approach.
  18. Event Follow-Up [access full script]
    It was the dealership’s job to get the contact information the day of the event, now it’s your job to contact them.
  19. Financially Challenged [access full script]
    This is a simple call that can be made every 4 months or so with a different twist.
  20. Warranty Expiration [access full script]
    The warranty expiration call benefits three parties: the customer, the dealership, and the salesperson.

Who would have thought that the key to maximizing the best household opportunities and gaining a multitude of referrals was residing in the form of 20 simple phone scripts this whole time! The full phone scripts to Stuker’s 20 Outbound Calls can be found as a course in his interactive virtual training platform, ATN, or as a chapter in the complimentary training manual, Guaranteed Sales Success.

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