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2018 Stuker TNP Bootcamps

2018 Stuker TNP Bootcamps

Dealership Telephone, BDC & Internet Bootcamp

Stuker’s TNP Bootcamp is a truly unique, hands-on experience that teaches individuals how to master the phone-up, incoming digital leads, call back unsold showroom traffic, overcome objections, set appointments, build repeat business and most importantly make the most of your opportunities through data mining.

You will learn:

  • How To Move Digital Leads From Their Keyboard To Your Showroom
  • How To Sell 20 Units A Month On Less Than 10 Quality Conversations A Day
  • Data Mining – Cash In On The Customers You’ve Already Paid For
  • Make Real Appointments & Sell Vehicles While In Class

With The ‘Founder of the BDC’ 

Under the supervision of Certified Master Stuker Trainers, attendees will learn the sales techniques, role-play the techniques, and apply what they’ve learned to practical applications.

Work Real Deals From Your CRM

Attendees shouldn’t let the fear of ‘missing out on business’ prevent them from coming. They will be calling from their CRMs and learning the tried and true methods on how to move digital leads from their keyboard to your showroom!

Over 90% of the attendees pay for their training within 7 days of the course from the sales generated from their prospecting and appointments set in the class.

In fact, many times more sales are generated the week away from the store than during an average day at the dealership. They will not only come back to the dealership with more prospects than they ever thought imaginable, but have the ability to sell and deliver 20 units a month on less than 10 quality conversations a day.

Only 25 seats available!

Limited attendance guarantees more one-on-one time with trainers and the chance to work side-by-side with certified master level trainers, and the chance to use our industry leading strategies LIVE! This $2,995 investment fills up fast, so don’t waste time! Call us now or click the button below to reserve your spot today 800-999-5277! Multi-attendee and dealer discounts available!

Success Stories

“I attended Stuker Training early in my career and the phone skills I developed were a huge part of the success of my, now 21 year career. I still use the tools I received from Stuker Training. If you are able, you should go.” – Brad Alexander GM at Lithia Hyundai of Anchorage

“When it comes to sales there is no one better than Stuker Training and that is a fact. His methods deliver exceptional results, more sales increased profits and highly skilled sales people. All the ingredients an auto dealer needs to improve performance and achieve the outcomes they might only dream of.” Patrick Tessier, AADA

“Tom, two years ago I ordered your books. Today I moved into my new office as F&I Manager. My sales career and my career in the car industry overall is a direct result of your teachings.” Doug Sides

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