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Success is like an Iceberg

Success is like an Iceberg

Somewhere along the social sharing chain started a notion that still lingers today; a theory that compares success to an iceberg. The “tip of the iceberg” is the height of success – the point at which success becomes visible and recognizable to others. The overall exposure and reach will be different per individual scenario, but none-the-less it represents the peak at which success has been noticed, possibly even rewarded. Looking under the surface reveals something much bigger and more powerful – the driving force behind success.

Donald Kendall, former CEO of Pepsi, said it best, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Accomplishing success is the fun part, some might argue the entire journey is a joyride, or the opposite, but neither here nor there, we can all agree that it’s the climb to the top that makes success obtainable. Often times the largest part of success, like an iceberg, is buried deep below the sea. The unseen and unknown make the foundation. A foundation that is established on a few essential key qualities like: focus, goals, persistence, risks, failure, sacrifice, habits, hard work, dedication, commitment, vision, determination, investment, communication, availability and motivation. Take or leave some from the list, but these are words to factor in when climbing to the top.

The iceberg success syndrome (as illustrated in the infographic below) is a great analogy highlighting the very nature of success. To understand the level of success, it is important to identify how success is measured. A few ways to validate success is by monitoring growth, popularity, profit, satisfaction… basically a set of unique rules set per individual need. The great thing about success, no matter the duration, goal or measurement, is that it’s typically cyclical and can be repeated as many times as necessary in order to achieve desired outcomes. So, keep on keeping on!