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Selling Challenges in Today's Market

Selling Challenges in Today's Market

Each year consumer needs, behaviors and expectations change, which, in return should reflect your selling strategy. Are you experiencing some frustration adjusting to the new market? You’re not alone.

Here’s what we can learn from the 2017 Richardson ‘Understanding Selling Challenges’ report:

“There has never been a better time to understand, challenge, and change how sales are made. With unprecedented access to mobile and digital technologies, sellers can understand their buyers better than ever before, creating new opportunities to build lasting engagements in today’s hyperconnected world”
– Richardson Sales Expert

Top Prospecting Challenges

Creating a targeted prospecting strategy
Quality of leads from marketing
Gaining appointments

Top Negotiation Challenges

Gaining higher prices
Closing win-win deals
Maintaining profitability

Top Closing Challenges

Competing against a low-cost provider
Positioning competition value propositions
Creating a compelling case for change to avoid a “no-decision’

Top Challenges Facing Buyers

Combating the status quo
Comparing their options
Building internal consensus

Top Productivity Challenges

Spending too much time on administrative or non-selling activities
Finding the right marketing assets to support your selling efforts
Balancing time spent with your prospects and clients due to a large territory

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