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Tom Stuker to Speak about Referrals at the 19th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

Tom Stuker to Speak about Referrals at the 19th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

Tom Stuker will attend the 19th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Tuesday, October 6th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. to host a sales strategy session on referrals. Learn more.

In this session, attendees will learn how to master the art of the referral, the exact word tracks to achieve maximum opportunities, how to overcome referral reluctance, how to call referrals and how to make the most out of a referral strategy. Referrals are often overlooked as a primary source of generating business by many salespeople. Anyone can increase their number of referrals and more importantly sales by doing one simple thing, asking for referrals. Assuming that positive word-of-mouth marketing will lead to another sale is not enough. This is where the difference between working proactively rather than re-actively can increase the number of units sold. Referrals are a powerful selling tool that, when handled correctly, can boost business results. Don’t wait for referrals to sporadically trickle in, but rather join Stuker in proactively attacking the referral process in order to sell more units today!

Attendees should plan to arrive early to reserve seating in advance because Stuker’s DD17 & DD18 speaking sessions were standing room only. 

At DD18, Stuker educated dealers on how to perfect their BDC intelligence by mastering how to start, manage, and operate a BDC. In addition, they learned the ten reasons as to why over 90% of BDCs underperform. (replay DD18) In addition to this session, Stuker joined Auto Dealer Live for a roundtable BDC discussion with Alan Ram, Bill Wittenmyer and Mike Overy. (replay Auto Dealer Live) At DD17, Stuker trained salespeople how to sell 20 units a month on less than 10 quality conversations a day. (replay DD17)

To register for DD19, visit digitaldealerconference.com/register.