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Top 15 Phone Scripts That Boost Phone Sales

Mastering the outbound call…

Mastering the outbound call with the right phone scripts is a crucial skill when it comes to selling cars in the automotive industry, but let’s face it – not everyone knows how to properly handle different call scenarios. That’s where successful phone scripts come into play, and Tom Stuker is here to help. Below are 15 of Tom’s famous phone scripts that have helped many sales professionals over the years get to 20 plus units a month. Take a look and feel free to request 1 FREE complete script:

  1. Calling the Referral
    When calling referrals, be careful not to come on too strong. View the video clip below of Stuker teaching this script on his virtual training platform, ATN.
  2. Three Day Follow-Up Call
    The perfect time to call your sold customers is 72 hours after a purchase.
  3. Post CSI
    Customer satisfaction means everything when it comes to building repeat and referral business.
  4. Friends & Acquaintances
    Talking about your job and the auto industry can end up getting you more referrals than you think.
  5. It’s Been A While
    For the customers you have neglected in your follow-up, this call works best.
  6. Orphan-Ups
    Orphan-ups are people who have visited your dealership looking for a vehicle and were waited on by a salesperson who’s no longer working there.
  7. Orphan Owners
    Orphan owners are dealership customers who have bought a vehicle from a salesperson who’s no longer employed there.
  8. Appointment Confirmation
    Sending vehicle photos and videos with your smartphone can help motivate the prospect.
  9. Missed Appointment
    If this happens, call your customer as soon as possible after the appointment is missed.
  10. The Pre-Service Call
    If possible, use your CRM to notify you in advance of your customer’s service appointment.
  11. The Post-Service Call
    It’s important to not only make a pre-service call but also make a post-service call – to ensure continued customer satisfaction and relationship building.
  12. For Sale By Owner
    If you check my Priority Calling list, you would see this barely makes the list.
  13. Zero Flip/Equity Call
    This is a good sales opportunity done in a “Soft Sell/Smart Sell” approach.
  14. Financially Challenged
    This is a simple call that can be made every 4 months or so with a different with just a few small changes.
  15. Warranty Expiration
    The warranty expiration call benefits three parties: the customer, the dealership, and the salesperson.

Who would have thought that the key to maximizing the best household opportunities and gaining a multitude of referrals was residing in the form of 15 simple phone scripts this whole time! Complete phone scripts to Stuker’s 20 Outbound Calls can be found as a course in his interactive virtual training platform, ATN, or as a chapter in Tom’s training manual, Guaranteed Sales Success.