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Free Video Training: The Managed Dealership Floor

   Free Dealership Training with Tom Stuker on The Managed Dealership Floor vs. Open Floor

Evaluate, Train and Implement A Managed Dealership Floor

Airing every Tuesday morning starting June 20th, 2017 on CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, Stuker will present his free 4-week dealership training video series ‘The Managed Floor’. Within this groundbreaking series, Tom will give you the resources to evaluate, train and implement a managed dealership floor. To access these training videos click here.

Episode 1: Now’s The Time To Think Managed Dealership Floor
In this series opener, Tom will lay down the facts. What is a managed floor, what does it mean to have a proactive culture, and why are dealerships considering the switch?

Episode 2: Pros and Cons
In this realistic approach to the topic, Tom discusses the pros and cons to switching to a managed floor.

Episode 3: Why You are Probably Not Ready for The Switch, and What You Need to Do To Be Ready?
Tom stresses that this is not something that is done overnight. As great as the benefits are – getting yourself ready for implementation is crucial!

Episode 4: Implementing A Managed Dealership Floor
Regardless of the size of your dealership, Tom will teach you how to properly implement a managed floor.