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Five Reasons Virtual Sales Training is Key for Today’s Auto Sales Pros

Five Reasons Virtual Sales Training is Key for Today’s Auto Sales Pros

Are you looking for ways to ensure that your automobile sales professionals are ready to face the many rebuttals ahead? Do you want to find a cost-efficient way to train your staff, both new and old? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the benefits of virtual sales training.

Doing so can help you unlock remote learning for your staff. Each of your salespeople will be certified for the courses they complete and gain new confidence on the lots.

See below for an in-depth guide listing the several reasons you need to schedule virtual sales training for your dealership.

1. Tenacious Selling

There are two types of salespeople out there—those that rely on luck and those that generate their luck. We teach salesmen and saleswomen how to be the latter.

Success as a sales professional comes from taking initiative. But the initiative isn’t a natural skill, it’s one that’s developed over time. People need to be shown what initiative truly looks like in automobile sales and how it can help them increase their sales.

But what do we mean by “taking initiative”? It’s all about making outbound calls rather than waiting for the golden egg sale to land in your lap. You need to establish a clear vision for yourself as an auto sales pro; don’t think that selling more than 20 units per month (per salesman) is possible? Think again!

Those without initiative will take a sales objection as a fact. Instead of accepting rebuttals, you should equip your staff with the skills to overcome those objections and move their clients closer to a purchase.

We pride ourselves on helping your salespeople find the “why” behind their selling. Why should they pick up the phone to make one more call? Why should they make the effort to overcome sales rebuttals? It’s all a part of our training.

2. Eyes Opened to the Potential of a Sale

Which of these customers is more valuable to a car salesperson: a 50-year-old man wearing a three-piece suit who’s eyeing the top trim level of an expensive SUV or the 20-something kid who’s asking to test drive the ruby red sports car on your lot?

That was a trick question; they’re both equally as important. Why? Because you never know the opportunities that will come with a particular client. 

To the untrained eye, that 50-year-old customer would be more valuable because he likely has a higher salary and thus more money to spend. But for all you know, that 20-year old kid is the son of a Fortune 500 CEO, crazier things have happened. 

But those types of people don’t start the conversation by saying, “Hi! I have a lot of money and am looking for a new car.” You have to work them to that point, but how? By using strong communication.

Whether you’re establishing positive phone fundamentals or asking open-ended questions on the car lot, it’s your job to learn all you can about the customer. That way, you can unlock the opportunity to make a substantial sale.

3. Network of Clients

Okay, so you’ve met a customer on your car lot and sold them a vehicle that fits everything on their list. You even made a nice commission check off of the sale. Are you through with that client now? of course not!

Your client has an entire network of potential customers for you to tap into. If you build a strong relationship with them and nurture the connection, there’s no limit to how many people they may refer to you.

Even though it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, most auto sales professionals forget to (or are unwilling to) ask for a referral. Can you imagine the sales potential if every member of your staff sold one more sale per month from a referral they requested? 

Here at ATNVT, we want to help your staff see the potential of the client’s network, not just as one person.

4. Elaborate Testing

Think back to your time in high school or college, for a moment. When a teacher/professor said there was an upcoming test on Monday, what did you do? You studied. But what if there wasn’t a test? Would you have studied? Would you have retained any information? Probably not.

That’s the philosophy we have with our auto sales training. We don’t just want to say our piece and then collect a paycheck, we want to ensure your staff ingests the material.

At ATNVT, we use several platforms to help your staff learn the material, get tested on it with quizzes and tests, then become certified on that course once it’s completed. That way, you’ve ensured a higher return on your investment.

5. Interactive Training

Again, if we just stood up on stage and talked for hours on end, your staff wouldn’t retain any of the information we throw out to them. 

That’s why virtual training is so helpful! We have a platform that features highly interactive training modules. Your staff doesn’t just sit and listen, they interact with the material.

This ensures a higher understanding of the sales principles we teach. It also ensures that they’ll pass the tests and get certified all the faster.

Invest in Virtual Sales Training for Your Staff Today

Now that you have seen all of the ways that virtual sales training can benefit your staff and care dealership at large, be sure to put this to good use.

For any other questions that you may have, please be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.