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8 Tips to Close Car Deals With Cold Calling

8 Tips to Close Car Deals With Cold Calling

Studies show modern-day car shoppers spend 61% of their time researching cars online. Most shoppers no longer need to talk to a salesperson for car information. They can get everything they want from the comfort of their home.

If you’re a car salesman, you may think the digital age is making cold calling redundant. But while cold calling might be falling out of favor, it remains a top way to drive sales traffic. 

An ideal scenario is that your target already knows what they want. Your task is to warm them up and increase your chances of closing more car sales. These 8 automotive cold calling tips will boost your sales. 

1. Research Your Target Prospect before Cold Calling

Pre-cold call research can help you personalize a call and make it a warm one. It gives you the confidence to call the prospect because you understand a bit about them. 

You now have a glimpse of the person you’re about to call, and that can help you know how to handle them. The pre-research can also provide you with valuable information about the prospect’s needs. For instance, the prospect’s family size can inform you to recommend the right car models. 

Use Google to search for your prospect’s career, age, income, and family status. Social media may also give you a glimpse of their interests, friends, and hobbies. Sometimes people may even share photos of their dream cars on Instagram or Facebook.

2. Use Car Sales Cold Calls to Build Rapport

Automotive cold calling can feel dreadful sometimes─ especially if you intend to make a sales pitch. One of the most critical car sales cold calling tips is to avoid selling in cold calling. Remember, you’re calling someone off guard, so the prospect’s mind isn’t on your brand or car.

Chances of making a car sale are higher if you use the cold call to build rapport and know more about your prospect. It would be best to create a need for a car by understanding your prospect’s pain points. You also need to create trust and win your customer’s heart before proposing an offer.

3. Identify the Fears Holding You Back

Most salespeople avoid cold calling not because it’s tough, but because of fear. For some people, the thought of facing rejection is enough to put them off cold calling. Lack of skills or behavioral styles can also cause people to avoid cold calling.

Figure out what is preventing you from making that important call? Are you afraid of rejection? Are you fearful of making many calls to no avail? Identifying your fears and working to overcome them is the key to hitting higher car sales. 

4. Motivate Yourself Before the Cold Call

This may be the most under-used car sales cold calling tips. Most people will jump into a call without paying attention to the psyche or moods. You only have one chance to make the best impression.

Your tone can say a lot about your confidence. If you’re not confident, you may even forget part of the script or miss some client points. 

Motivating yourself gives you the calm and composure to the best cold call. Feeling nervous? Take a brisk walk, drink some coffee, or listen to motivational or relaxation audios. Make sure you have the right moods, and you’re comfortable with the call. 

5. Use Humor and Make the Cold Call a Conversation

Humor allows you to release the tension and warm up the prospect. You can make a light joke about their hobby before introducing your topic. Speak like you would talk to a friend over the phone to make the call seem like a friendly conversation.

Use a low and friendly tone, and remember to avoid over pushing your dealership. Remember, you’re here to educate your prospect and understand what they would want in a car. The car is a solution to their pain points, and you must make the presentation sound helpful. 

6. Let Your Prospect Lead the Talk

Remember, the prospect may already have a clue of what car they want. It would be best to let them drive the conversation when you’re making car sales cold calls. Sometimes you might think you’re on the same page with the prospect, but they lost track of what you’re saying.

Ask questions that may prompt your prospect to talk about themselves. You can leverage on their answers to make the conversation more personal. Listen closely; instead of controlling the talk. You’ll get valuable resources that you can use to make your pitch more helpful.  

7. Learn to Overcome Objections

Rejections are part of the cold calling process. Taking them personally may cause frustration and even affect your selling performance. Understand that most people are facing stressing issues, and they may hang up on anyone. 

Also, learn how to differentiate rejection and objections. A person rejecting your offer may not want anything to do with your pitch. Someone objecting with a putting off statement may be too tied up to pay attention.

  • Explain that most of your favorite clients said “no thank you” to your offers before they worked with your dealership
  • Be empathetic and request for their convenient time to continue the talk for busy clients
  • Ask for more information about the client when they object to your cold call by saying “email me”

The most useful cold calling tips can empower you to overcome objections. Practice negating the following objections if you want to increase your car sales.

8. Make Automotive Cold Calling a Routine

Make sure you’re ranking this among your best car sales cold calling tips. Make cold calling one of your daily habits or tasks. If you can call a given number of prospects daily, your skills will incredibly improve.

Routine cold calling helps to familiarize with automotive prospects’ behaviors and responses. If you’re using a cold calling script, you can master the wording and add some life to it to make it less robotic. View consistency or routine as a practice to sharpen your skills.

Can These Car Sales Cold Calling Tips Help You?

For car salespeople, cold calling is inescapable. There may be times when visitors to your dealership will drop, or competition will grab some of your prospects.

You may also want to be a versatile salesperson who can generate sales in more than way. These cold calling tips can up your phone game, boost your confidence, and help you close more car sales.

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