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5 Car Marketing Tips Any Salesperson Should Know

5 Car Marketing Tips Any Salesperson Should Know

Are you looking for ways to generate more leads that can help you grow your sales conversions? Do you wonder if there’s a way to build more interest in the vehicles you sell? If so, then you need to learn more about proper car marketing tactics.

Doing so can give you access to more high-quality leads. The more leads that you generate, the more that you can build your book of business. It’s important to use car marketing techniques that are relevant, creative, and resourceful.

See below for several car marketing tips that you can use as a salesperson to raise your dealership’s success.

1. Start a Blog

Let’s start with a bit of marketing 101. Your target clients have needs, you have a way to fill those needs with the cars that you sell on your lot. But how can you connect those two dots?

In other words: how can you show your target audience that you’re the one who can answer their biggest pain points? With content!

One of the most helpful forms of content for car dealerships—or any business is a blog on your website. It’s completely free and can help you build a passive way to attract more leads to your business.

How is that possible? Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a marketing method in which you design your entire website to be as attractive as possible to search engines such as Google. The more appealing it is to Google’s algorithm, the higher up the search results you’ll climb.

Granted, blogs aren’t the end-all-be-all for your SEO results. But they’re a key cog in it! Make a conscious decision to use your blog and answer your target market’s biggest pain points.

What questions are they asking that you can answer for them? How can you use that content to direct them towards your products? Use that as your starting point.

2. Lower Your Bounce Rate

Perhaps you’ve seen the word “bounce rate” on the website builder (WordPress, Wix.com, etc.) you use, but never understood what it meant.

Simply put: a bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors that jump off your website without clicking on another page. So if someone comes across your blog article, reads it, then hits the “back” button on their browser, they would negatively affect your bounce rate.

Believe it or not, that bounce rate says a lot about your site. If your bounce rate is too high, it could be due to:

  • Your website pages taking too long to download
  • Your site not conforming to a smartphone screen (more on that in a bit)
  • The content on your site is underwhelming, intimidating, or confusing
  • Your site’s layout is too complicated (a common problem with dealership sites)
  • Blank pages 
  • Bad internal or external links in your content

This list could go on forever. If you try a few different edits without any success, you might consider investing in customer experience data for your site. This can help you pinpoint what pages the bounce rate is highest and the reason why.

3. Simplify Your Website

Think of your company’s digital presence as the wheel on a car. Your website is at the very center of the wheel, with the spokes branching off in several different directions. Each of those spokes leads back to one point: your site.

If you’ve convinced a prospect to visit your site, you don’t need to do anything extravagant to impress them. Just simply give them the solution that they came to your site looking for, whatever that might be.

Far too many dealerships overwhelm customers with their site. They fill it with too many pages, “please don’t leave!” pop-up messages, and so on. 

Simplify your site. Be the exception to the industry. Make your website easy to navigate.

Lastly, make sure that’s mobile-friendly (your site can conform to the size of a smartphone screen. Over 50-percent of the world only uses their smartphone to visit the internet. If your site doesn’t fit their screen, they’ll back out, affecting your bounce rate. 

4. Don’t Forget Offline Marketing Tactics

No matter how vast the digital marketplace becomes, there will always be room for offline marketing in your dealership’s car marketing strategy. 

These days, it has become a way to separate yourself from the other dealerships in town. While they all focus solely on their online marketing, you can attack your marketing plan from both angles.

Focus on phone training with your staff. Get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce. Attend all of the networking events that you can. Set up sales tables at local sales conventions. It all goes a long way towards building your brand image.

5. Integrate Video Content

As elaborate and effective as your blog might be, some prospects would prefer to watch content rather than read it. 

Video content allows you to build a more personal side to your brand. It helps you engage with your target audience, as they’ll start to build a connection with you and your team.

Better yet, YouTube is entirely free to set up and post videos. Once you post a video on it, that video will be there for anyone that needs your information in the future. It can become a steady source of passive income for your dealership.

Build Your Online and Offline Car Marketing Tactics Today

Now that you have seen several car marketing tips that you can use to establish your dealership’s brand, be sure to use them effectively.

Be sure to read this article for an in-depth analysis of sales vs marketing and why both are so important for your dealership.

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