Stuker Phone Training

Stuker Phone Training


Technology has certainly come a long way. While we now have an unprecedented amount of web-based business, the vast majority of our business still starts on the phone. We’ve been training and installing the best Phone Skills in dealerships for over 30 years. Phone skills make or break a Sales Team, and are the lifeblood of your company. Stuker phone training is the best way to help you build a solid foundation that will reach new heights!

One of our key dynamics of learning is practical application and our hands-on approach with real-time situations. This gives your staff the confidence and knowledge to improve. Whether it’s the word tracks needed for bringing back a customer to buy or landing a customer into the right vehicle, we will give you the exact play-by-play on how to handle every situation.



Stuker’s in-house training covers a variety of areas: phones, sales, management, BDC and more.

One of our certified Stuker trainers will be there walking you step-by-step through Stuker’s methods and techniques in order to increase sales 25% within 90 days. All in-houses are customized with tailored agendas to address specific areas of your dealerships needs and schedules. We provide salespeople with the knowledge of how to sell a car within any environment and situation. You will walk away knowing the proactive behaviors essential to building and maintaining a winning sales team. Stop leaving money on the table and consistently generate more opportunities and traffic to create more sales at your dealership today!