Dealership Sales Process Training

In this digital age we live in, customer information is available at an all time high. Antiquated sales approaches are ineffective considering the level of information available to customers today. Customer First Dealership Sales Process Training provides all necessary information without the consumer needing to request it. The “Truth Selling Strategy” is an effective way to build rapport and trust with today’s client. Customer First teaches your team the importance of sharing information, and building “Life-Cycle” customers. Your customers will LOVE being First.

"Finally a dealership sales process that my customers LOVE that uses today’s technology and gives us the best results we’ve ever had."Large Midwest Independent Dealer

Real Time Reporting

When managing your sales team and dealership sales process, it’s essential that you have a clear view of what is happening with each customer in real time. Customer First provides up-to-date info on your sales team’s progress. We make sure you salespeople are accountable, as well as your managers. There’s no shade once we’ve installed the simple tracking tools in your dealership.

Not Just Selling Cars

Customer First doesn’t stop at helping your people sell cars. Each salesperson needs to be an expert on why someone should by from YOU. Customer First will guide you in creating or improving your company image, and help you staff become just as good at selling your company as they are at selling cars.

We Build It For You

We are passionate about helping our clients create a unique customer experience in their dealership. We want your customers to rave about their experience with you, and honestly, we’re pretty good at making it happen. You’ll have access to our team of expert, creative thinkers, who will help you create unique, one-of-a-kind dealership sales process that will set your dealership apart from the rest. Let us help you turn your current customers into lifelong fans.

Customer First teaches your team the importance of sharing information and building life-cycle customers!

“Customer First has helped me and my Sales Management team track EVERY opportunity and hold us accountable.”Multi-Franchise Dealer Central Florida