Dealership Buy/Sell

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Thinking of Selling Your Dealership?

Consider These Points:

  • Who is Advising You To Sell?
  • Why Is it Time To Sell?
  • Do You Have A Post Sale Plan?
  • Do You Have The Proper Tax and Income Strategy?
  • Should You Consider a Proven Management Company First, Before Selling?


Who We Are

ATN has been in business, serving OEM's and Dealer groups for over 40 years. Our network of over 12,000 dealers we have served connects us to many dealers in the US, Canada, and Australia. We also MANAGE hundreds of dealerships in the US down to the Balance Sheet and PnL. We understand and manage dealerships every day.

We provide Asset Analysis Reports and Appraisals
We have 1000+ dealers in our network purchasing dealerships. No advertising needed
We provide professional market analysis of your dealership and assess the value of your dealership
Most transactions are discreetly offered and moved to APA process within weeks.

Save on Legal & Accounting Fees

We save you money on attorney drafts and CPA reviews. Let our legal and accounting teams prepare the docs and you only bill hours with your attorney and CPA for review, not document creation.

Business Plans & Pro Formas

We prepare and provide OEM Business Plans, Pro Formas, prepare Buyer packets for Dealer Applications, and assist in speeding up the OEM approval process.

Succession & Transfer

We provide basic Succession Planning and Transfer Strategies in cooperation with one of the largest automotive CPA and Financial Planning Groups in the US.

A Growing Team

We have assisted hundreds of transactions and counting. Our Mergers and Acquisitions group has doubled in size three years running. Let us show you how a fast, smooth and more affordable buy/sell can happen for you and your family.