Over 90% of attendees pay for their training within 7 days from the sales generated at bootcamp!

In fact, many times more sales are generated the week away from the store than during an average day at the dealership. Attendees will not only come back to the dealership with more prospects than they ever thought imaginable, but return with the ability to sell and deliver 20 units a month on less than 10 quality conversations a day.

Thousands of people from around the world have attended Tom’s bootcamps. The entire program is hands-on and results orientated. Stuker’s 5-Day Phone and BDC Training Bootcamp shows you how to master the phone-up, call back unsold traffic, overcome objections, get more referrals, power prospect, set appointments, obtain referrals, build repeat business, and more importantly close sales!

Attendee’s learn the exact word tracks and selling techniques to maximize household prospects and master outbound calling. You will also learn the sales techniques, role-play the techniques, and apply what you’ve learned to practical applications. In picking-up the phone, you will set more appointments and get more referrals than you ever thought possible! You are on the phone proving to yourself that anybody can sell 20+ units a month and convert your CRM into an ATM!

Dealer Principals, General Managers, General Sales Managers, BDC managers, and the like, will take back to their dealership a comprehensive plan to successfully implement all of the training techniques. This includes strategies on how to maximize your dealership CRM and the tools needed to properly continue training your sales force.