About Us

About Us

Our story starts in July 1986 when our founders first met. Since then, we've been on a mission to offer unparalleled management support to the automotive industry.

Over the years, Automotive Training Network has expanded its reach and offerings, becoming the premier resource for dealership needs through a combination of proven processes and innovative resources. Our commitment is to enhance your customer service while boosting the bottom line across all departments.

Our Philosophy

At ATN, we believe in simplicity and efficiency. We've built our network around the idea that everything your dealership needs should be accessible from one place. By blending reliable processes with the latest industry innovations, we aim to meet today’s customer demands while boosting your bottom line. Our commitment to you is unmatched support tailored to the unique needs of your business.

What our customers have to say about us

Meet the People Behind the Wheel - Our Founders

Mark Gilbert - CEO & Partner

About Mark Gilbert ATN

Mark Gilbert brings over thirty years of extensive experience in business operations, sales, marketing, and communications to the table. He's the brain behind The Balanced Selling Programme, introduced in 1988, which laid the groundwork for the innovative Customer First Sales Process unveiled in 2002.

Gilbert's expertise isn't just creating successful sales strategies; he's also deeply knowledgeable in behavioral psychology and personality profiling. His entrepreneurial journey began in Northern California, where he successfully owned and operated up to seven auto dealerships, setting the stage for his pivotal role as a principal partner at Automotive Training Network.

Mark is a seasoned speaker and trainer, leading over 200 seminars and training programs globally. His insights have been sought after by prestigious organizations such as the National Auto Dealers Association and major corporations, including Sandy Corporation, Columbia Ultimate Business Systems, Landa Corp, and Ford Motor Company, to name a few. His ability to direct large-scale manager training retreats and specialized dealership skills training sessions for up to 300 participants highlights his versatile leadership and educational skills.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Gilbert is a PADI Certified Dive Instructor, a former college basketball official, and an avid pilot, enhancing his skills with a turbine engine rating. His passion for travel is evident in the hundreds of thousands of air miles he logs annually, ensuring he stays closely connected with clients and partners worldwide. Mark's love for adventure extends to his personal life, where he enjoys spending quality time in the Hawaiian Islands with his wife Susie, their five children, and seven grandchildren. Mark Gilbert has been the CEO at ATN since 2012.

Wes Crumby - SPDS Director & Partner

Wes Crumby embarked on his journey in the automotive industry at 19, rapidly advancing through various key positions within his initial dealership, eventually securing the sales manager role. His career trajectory didn't stop there; Wes transitioned into other critical roles, including Finance Manager, Used Car Manager, and General Manager, showcasing his versatility and leadership within the dealership environment.

By March 1996, Crumby shifted his focus towards special finance, leveraging his expertise to consult with a broad spectrum of auto dealers across North America. This experience led him to establish the Lot-Pro Sub-Prime Dealer Service, a revolutionary service that became a staple resource for hundreds of dealerships nationwide.

Wes didn't slow down after the sale of Lot-Pro to Auto Credit Express in 2004. He initiated the Ace-Cities Selling System, expanding the reach of special finance solutions to over 500 dealers nationwide. In 2007, he launched Sub-Prime Dealer Services (SPDS), which has since evolved into one of the nation's leading sub-prime service providers, further cementing Wes Crumby's influential role in transforming automotive dealership financing.

Tom Stuker - Founder of Stuker Training & Partner

Over the last thirty years, Tom Stuker has established himself as a luminary in automotive sales training. His innovative Guaranteed Sales Success formulas set the benchmark in the industry for enhancing phone skills, boosting sales and lead generation, and refining BDC/Internet processes. Tom is credited with pioneering the Business Development Center (BDC) Concept in the 1980s, a model that has since become foundational to automotive sales strategy.

Tom has been at the forefront of automotive sales education, hosting various series on the Automotive Satellite Television Network (ASTN), including popular shows like Objection Overruled and The Stuker Show. His groundbreaking training program on ASTN was a first in the industry, offering daily guidance to thousands of dealerships and significantly enhancing the capabilities of salespeople and managers across North America.

A familiar face in the media, Tom Stuker, has appeared on major television networks such as ABC’s 20/20, CNN, Fox, and NBC’s Today Show and has starred in his reality series, “Car Lot Rescue,” on SPIKE TV. His expertise and dynamic presentation skills have earned him the title of the #1 workshop leader and speaker at numerous automotive conventions.

Moreover, Tom's dedication to improving sales teams worldwide has seen him become the globe's most frequent flyer, amassing over 19 million miles. His global outreach underscores his commitment to elevating the standards of automotive sales training and management.

Why Choose ATN?

With a track record of partnering with over 12,000 dealerships, ATN has proven that the right support can transform a business. We're here to enhance every aspect of your dealership, ensuring sales soar and customer service shines.

Consider us your ally in the automotive industry. Your dealership's potential is vast, and with our tailored support, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Join the ATN family, where personalized attention and industry expertise come together to fuel your success.

What Our Clients Say

Since our sales department underwent the comprehensive training program provided by ATN, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. The hands-on approach to sales techniques, combined with a deep dive into customer psychology, has empowered our team to achieve and surpass our sales targets consistently. The training has fostered a new level of confidence and expertise among our sales staff, enabling them to connect with customers more effectively and close deals with greater efficiency. This program has not only boosted our sales figures but also significantly enhanced the overall customer experience at our dealership. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact this training has had on our team and our business.
ATN's training program has been a game-changer for our dealership's finance department. The training has not only improved our efficiency and compliance but also significantly enhanced our ability to offer customers the best financing options tailored to their needs. We have dramatically increased our backend profits. Our finance department is now more confident and competent, directly contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to ATN, we're setting new standards in automotive finance.
Implementing ATN's lead management training program has revolutionized the way our dealership handles digital leads. Before ATN, our approach to lead management was inconsistent and often ineffective, resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales. The training provided by ATN equipped our sales team with cutting-edge techniques for tracking, nurturing, and converting leads into sales. The tools and strategies introduced have dramatically increased our conversion rates and maximized our sales potential. Our team now operates with a level of precision and professionalism that sets us apart in the competitive automotive market. ATN's program has not only boosted our sales figures but also enhanced our reputation for excellence in customer service.