About Mark Gilbert - CEO

About Mark Gilbert - CEO

Mark Gilbert’s Automotive Experience

Automotive Training Network CEO Mark Gilbert has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has built dealerships from the ground up, and has trained and managed dealerships across the entire world. He’s a multiple-time speaker at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show and Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA) show, and has been featured on The Tom Stuker Show. Mark's latest book will hit bookstores in fall of 2023, the Salesperson's Guide for Success in Auto Sales.

Mr. Gilbert specializes in sales strategies, behavioral psychology and personality profiling. Mark owned and/or operated successful auto dealerships since 1982, starting his career in Northern California and growing to as many as fourteen dealerships before becoming a principal partner in Automotive Training Network.

He has appeared in over 200 sales, marketing and business management seminars and training programs across the world. He has been a repeat speaker for the National Auto Dealers Association and for companies like Sandy Corporation, Columbia Ultimate Business Systems, Landa Corp, Ford Motor Company’s XL2000 training program, National Association of Broadcasters, Nike, Hewlett Packard and multiple telecom companies. Mr. Gilbert has directed manager training retreats as well as personal leadership skills training certifications for large groups up to 300 people.

Mark Gilbert & Tom Stuker

Mark Gilbert (left) and Tom Stuker (right) on The Tom Stuker Show on CBT News.

Mark Gilbert and Tom Stuker met over 30 years ago and they’ve been friends ever since. Tom is an automotive icon as the founder of Stuker Training, the original automotive phone, and sales training company. Stuker Training is now proudly a part of the Automotive Training Network. Among many other accomplishments, Tom is the world’s most frequent flier and was the star of Spike TV’s “Car Lot Rescue”. Together, Mark and Tom have trained or managed over 12,000 car dealerships worldwide.

Automotive Training Network CEO

As the CEO of a renowned leader in automotive education, Mark insists on being in dealerships frequently to keep his finger on the pulse of the market. He specializes in executive-level training and improving the overall profitability of dealerships. Mark primarily works out of the Scottsdale, Arizona office.

Mark currently serves on the SBA Senate Subcommittee Automotive Group, The FTC Dealer Advisory Board and has served on the NADA Legal and Compliance Committee. He serves on various State Dealer Boards and has served as a Board Member and Board Chair at Mayo Clinic, at the Scottsdale Village.

Mark Gilbert (right) and his wife, Susie (left)

About Mark Gilbert

When he isn’t working, Mark loves to spend time with his family. He has been happily married for 24 years and has 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Mr. Gilbert is a PADI Certified Dive Instructor, former NCAA college basketball official and is an airplane pilot with a turbine engine rating. He travels hundreds of thousands of air miles every year commercially to stay connected to clients and channel partners.

What Our Clients Say

Since our sales department underwent the comprehensive training program provided by ATN, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. The hands-on approach to sales techniques, combined with a deep dive into customer psychology, has empowered our team to achieve and surpass our sales targets consistently. The training has fostered a new level of confidence and expertise among our sales staff, enabling them to connect with customers more effectively and close deals with greater efficiency. This program has not only boosted our sales figures but also significantly enhanced the overall customer experience at our dealership. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact this training has had on our team and our business.
ATN's training program has been a game-changer for our dealership's finance department. The training has not only improved our efficiency and compliance but also significantly enhanced our ability to offer customers the best financing options tailored to their needs. We have dramatically increased our backend profits. Our finance department is now more confident and competent, directly contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to ATN, we're setting new standards in automotive finance.
Implementing ATN's lead management training program has revolutionized the way our dealership handles digital leads. Before ATN, our approach to lead management was inconsistent and often ineffective, resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales. The training provided by ATN equipped our sales team with cutting-edge techniques for tracking, nurturing, and converting leads into sales. The tools and strategies introduced have dramatically increased our conversion rates and maximized our sales potential. Our team now operates with a level of precision and professionalism that sets us apart in the competitive automotive market. ATN's program has not only boosted our sales figures but also enhanced our reputation for excellence in customer service.